Texarkana Blaze Destroys Downtown Vacant House


Texarkana blaze destroys downtown vacant house.

The fire started in the pre-dawn hours Tuesday morning. The vacant house is located on Wood Street, south of the Post Office. Texarkana Arkansas Fire Chief David Fletcher says the house had been abandoned for quite some time.

He says there were reports of transients in the structure from time to time. Fletcher says there was some concern for wo individuals who had been known to frequent the location. The good news is that both were spotted later in the day and were safe.

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The cause of the blaze is under investigation. No injuries were reported. There was some minor damage done to a building complex adjacent to the structure. That building complex houses a law firm and Joe’s Pizza. Fortunately neither establishment suffered any significant problems from the fire.


As for the cause of the fire, Chief Fletcher says it would only be speculation. However, no electricity was available at the house. The possibility of an accidental fire, or even arson will be checked out.



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