Texarkana Arkansas New Mayor to Be Sworn in on New Year’s Day

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Texarkana Arkansas new mayor to be sworn in on New Year’s Day.

Allen Brown will receive the oath of office at his church, which is First United Methodist Arkansas. The ceremony will be held on Tuesday at 11am. The public is invited to attend the swearing in ceremony at 400 East 6th Street.

Brown is taking over for Mayor Ruth Penney Bell, who chose not to run for a second term in office. The new mayor’s first City Board of Directors meeting will be next Monday January 7th.

Brown told Fox Sports Texarkana that economic expansion for the city was a top priority as he begins his term as mayor. He says he will give 100% effort to try and improve the economy in the city.

Brown says he is looking forward to working with the City Board of Directors, city employees, area business leaders and the new REDI group to pursue his goals for Texarkana.

He also said infrastructure and other important issues will be addressed as well. Brown says he already has a good relationship with Texarkana Texas Mayor Bob Bruggeman. He pledges to work with his Texas side counterpart to help the whole community.

Brown was unopposed in the November election, as was Bruggeman.

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Mayor Brown’s day job is CEO and President of Mil-Way Federal Credit Union in Texarkana. The new Mayor is also the Chairman of the Board of the Live United Bowl. That is the Division II college bowl game that benefits the United Way of Greater Texarkana. He and his wife Shelby co-chaired the United Way Campaign a few years ago. He also has served on the Board of Directors of the Texarkana Chamber of Commerce.

Brown is excited for the future of Texarkana.



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