Ben Harmon is a Winner for Pleasant Grove

Northeast Texas
Pleasant Grove coach Josh Gibson, left, and brother Justin with Hawks quarterback Ben Harmon

Pleasant Grove Quarterback Ben Harmon is a winner. It’s not just the stats that say that.

His coach, Josh Gibson echos that saying. Watching him practice and play proves it. He may not have the strongest arm, or be the fastest runner, but when the chips are down, there is no one else you would rather have in control of the Hawk offense.

Ever since the seventh grade, this young man has put it in the extra effort it takes to be a winner. Bob Delgiorno of Fox Sports Texarkana interviewed him this week after practice. He asked him who he owes his success to. His response was, “I would probably say last year’s players. Growing up with them they instilled a work ethic in me that never left.”

But it appears this hard working leader of the Hawk offense, had a pretty good work ethic early on in his career. Coach Josh Gibson tells a story of when Harmon was in middle school, and he rode up to the high school work out on his bicycle, to just be involved. Harmon says he was just trying to learn from the players in front of him and be ahead of the curve.

Harmon has certainly been ahead, having moved up to varsity in his freshman year. He became the starting quarterback late in the season and of course everyone knows that his sophomore year was the perfect 16-0 season and the Texas State Championship.

He says the team is preparing hard this week and plan to go out with a bang to finish this year off right.

He told Delgiorno that he believes having been there last year should be advantage when they take on the Cuero Gobblers on Friday at AT&T Stadium in Arlington. “A lot of us were there last year and I feel like we are not going to be big eyed , and hopefully they are, so we can use that to our advantage for sure.”

Like any good quarterback, Harmon is appreciative of his O-Line. He says from time to time, he will bring donuts to the team meeting to share with the big guys who protect him in the pocket.

Pleasant Grove Hawks beat Frisco
Pleasant Grove Hawks quarterback Ben Harmon

Harmon credits Coach Gibson for seeing and knowing what is there with their Wing-T Offense. He says the key is being disciplined and unselfish, and being ready to go when your number is called.

When asked what he likes better, passing or running the ball from the quarterback position, Harmon may surprise you. He said he prefers running the ball and getting physical. ” Every time I tote the rock, I try to run everyone over.”

Harmon lives and breathes football, much like his coach. Not too surprising, he plans on studying in college to become a coach. Gibson has indicated an assistant coaching job would be waiting for him when the time comes. Harmon says that would be just fine with him. “That is something I am really passionate about, and I would like to learn from the best.”

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Harmon says he is learning some defense, should they need him on the field on that side of the ball. Now, don’t expect Coach Gibson to do that unless it’s a last resort. But this shows just the character and competitiveness of Ben Harmon.

Cuero, may have a better athlete on the field on Friday. But I can guarantee you that no one will out work, out hustle, or out think the Pleasant Grove Hawk QB.

Ben Harmon will basically will his team to victory.

Here is my prediction for the game. PG will win 44-34. You read it here first. Harmon will get at least two touchdown throws to receiver Jackson Cobb. Bruce Garrett will run for over 150 yards and a couple of touchdowns. The Hawks will win their second consecutive state championship at Jerry’s World.

No matter what happens though, I will be a Ben Harmon fan forever.

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