Aggravated Assault Suspect Arrested

Texarkana Texas Police

Aggravated Assault suspect arrested in Texarkana.

An aggravated assault suspect has been arrested by Texarkana Texas police. Quintavious Hayes had an arrest warrant for aggravated assault with serious bodily injury. Texas side police have started a new Facebook feature they call Felony Friday.

Every week, they will highlight someone that has an outstanding felony warrant. This in hopes that you can help them locate the suspect.

This first week’s choice was Quintavious Hayes.

Authorities say Hayes was involved in a minor vehicle crash on Stateline Avenue in late December.  The victim approached Hayes’ vehicle after the wreck. Hayes said he was going to pull into a nearby parking lot to exchange information.

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However, he took off in the opposite direction. The victim realized what was happening, and tried to reach inside the window to try to stop him from leaving. Witnesses said the victim’s arm got stuck in the seatbelt as the car sped away. He was drug for ten blocks as Hayes’ car swerved back and forth.

Hayes unbuckled his seat belt and the victim fell to the ground. He began to roll down the middle of the street. Hayes kept on driving. The victim was taken to a local hospital. He was admitted to the ICU with broken bones, several cuts and contusions.


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